Saturday, January 3, 2009

Pascual Toso Torrontes 2007

This is by way of a caveat, do not buy this wine! The PLCB is displaying it prominently and pushing it as a great bargain at $7.99 in every store around Harrisburg, and normally it would be, but evidently, either by design or because of a miscalculation, it was left on the vine too long before picking. The result, unlike with a German Spatlese, is not a rich, if sweet desert wine, but something that navigates uncomfortably between the sacharine and the vinegary. It's not absolutely undrinkable, but comes close enough.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting description. We just opened a bottle last night, and while it was not as viscous as the '06, it had wonderful honeysuckle aromas, a creamy palette, and notes of creme brulee, lime and tangerine. We enjoyed it with a Spanish cheese.