Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year PLCB

This will be my last post of 2009 and I want to use it to award the gold medal for sophistry to the PLCB. I came across an on line offer on the PLCB site for splits of Freixinet Brut at the sale price of $1.98 each. This works out to just under $8.00 the bottle, a very nice price for that excellent Cava. My local store had it alright, but it was priced at $3.67 the split. When I objected the salesman told me that that was the price and that computers were often wrong. Thereupon I asked to speak to the store manager and brought up the site for him (which, incidentally, he had claimed that he could not access). After studying this fo a while, he told me that the sale price was for single splits, what they had was a three-pack. This was, of course, a completely different animal. He then kindly offered to order in the sale bottles for me from a store which had them on hand if I paid the U.P.S. charge of $10.00 for a half case, an offer that, having done the math, I declined.

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Lew Bryson said...

They're running the PLCB like a business...a bad one.