Thursday, February 4, 2010

Sangiuseppe Pinot Grigio Rose 2008

Given that the Pinot Grigio grape is a mutation of Pinot Noir, it's hardly surprising that a fraction of the harvest is pink. This particular wine is on the mellow side, with some apple and citrus elements. Drinkable, not particularly distinguished, but you might want to pick it up at the closeout price of $6.79.

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Dizzy said...

Not really sure how to contact you, but I thought the readers of this blog would like to know the appalling state of the PWS stores. I walked into the one at 12th and Chestnut in Philadelphia the other day and it was probably 75 degrees F inside. They had fans running because it was so hot; all the employees were in short sleeves. I asked one of the workers how long the heat had been broken for and she was confused- finally I said, how long have you had the heat turned on so high? Ahh, an answer: "We turned the heat on like this since the snow storms earlier this month. The temperature has really been fluctuating a lot in the store though". Which means that probably most bottles in this, the largest wine store in Philadelphia, are ruined. At least it explains why the last two bottles I got from there were bad. The employee did not know that these temperature fluctuations would ruin the wine. At least she was nice about it, she seemed a bit shocked as well, although she admitted she never drank wine anyway. Tax dollars at work, people.