Friday, April 2, 2010

Louis Latour Duet 2007

This French white from a huge vineyard in the Ardeche is a half-and-half blend of Chardonnay and Viognier. The result is a somewhat diffident but pleasant wine, with strong notes of pear and a touch of caramel. It doesn't stay long on the tongue, but is most welcome while it does. At $8.99 it's reasonably priced, though those of you lucky enough to live within striking distance of a Trader Joe's can get it for two dollars less, which is a real bargain.


Anonymous said...

Arnulf, I found your blog by googling this wine (which I'm drinking right now in Philadelphia). I agree with you, it's a surprising find in the ridiculous disaster of a state we live in as oenophiles. I admire your wines under 10$ mission. I would like to add that philadelphia's wine stores have begun to resemble life under communism through their general barrenness and the tremendous lines on fridays, any night preceding a snow storm or holidays like this weekend or new years eve. I'm working on finding a way to bypass PA shipping restrictions.

Arnulf said...

I'm in full agreement with your sentiments, even though out here in the sticks long lines are less of a problem. But the pricing structure, the very small available quantities of any really desirable sale items and the indifference of a majority, though not all, of the clerks are very hard to take. Recently, when I voiced a complaint that seemed reasonable to me, I was told that if I didn't like the store I could take my business someplace else. Yes, where please? Would it not be possible to place an initiative on the ballot calling for a change in the system? I've avoided raising this issue up until now because I felt that, as a newcomer to the state, it was not my place to do so. But I've now suffered for two tears under the system and I believe that this qualifies me.

Arnulf said...

I of course meant to say "years", but in the context "tears" is at least as approriate.

Anonymous said... com, by perhaps some extra-legal means, ships to Pennsylvania. Guard this secret perhaps?

After selecting PA as your state:

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