Saturday, July 17, 2010

Bellum Providencia 2006

This red from Yecla (province of Murcia) in Southeastern Spain is made from the Monastrel grape. It is a very good wine indeed with lovely, subdued flavors of plum and dark berries, balanced by oak and soft tannins and with a distinctly nutty finish. Moreover, (will miracles never cease?), the price of $10.99 is well below anything I was able to locate on the net. It should be fine for another year or two, get it and drink it!

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Tim Jacobs said...

Well, my friend, I'm having this lovely Spanish wine right this moment, and I'm sorry to say that I paid $18.95CDN for it.

Both your liquor board and mine--the infamous LCBO--are scoundrels and crooks who can barely turn a profit retailing booze, particularly in Ontario, even though the LCBO has a state-run monopoly. And, get this, the LCBO feels the need to waste taxpayers' dollars by advertising in glossy print inserts of newspapers as well as expensive radio advertising and a glossy magazine of their own making--even though they're the only game in town. (((sigh))).

Privatization of alcohol retailing is the only way to go.

That's why we visit NY state as much as possible.