Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Falesco Est!Est!Est! 2009

In the year 1111 a German bishop, Johann Fugger, was journeying to Rome. Being a great wine lover he ordered his cupbearer, one Martin, to scout out the route a day ahead of the party and to write "Est"! (short for "Here there's good wine" on the doors of whatever inns had such on offer. One day (it would be nice to think that was on 11/11/1111) Martin came to Montefiascone, north of Rome, and so delighted in the local wine that he wrote the code word in triplicate. To my mind what this story tells us is that the whites of that day must not have amounted to much. What we have here is a quite pleasant but not particularly distinguished quaff with apple and citrus flavors and some spice at the finish. $9.99, which, mirabile dictu, is the lowest price I found for it.

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