Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Pirineos Mesache Rosado 2010

For me this Spanish rose from the Aragonese foothills of the Pyrennees merely confirms A. J. Liebling's dictum: The only drinkable rose is a Tavel. My C.D.C. rather liked it but I fond the overpowering mix of cherry and peach simply too sweet. Maybe as a desert wine. $8.99, a dollar less in N.J.


David Falchek said...

This wine is technical dry. I'm not sure how it could be perceived -- or enjoyed -- as a dessert wine.
Ripe fruit is sometimes perceived as sweetness. To be sure, Pirineos is a New World rose.
That said, I agree whole-heartedly with your assessment of the PLCB and urge you to support HB 11.

Rachel G. said...

I initially thought the Mesache rosado was sweet but upon additional tastings, I discovered that it was not actually sweet at all, but very fruity. I find it a very nice style of rose, more full bodied than my usual Go-To Provencal styles. It still has its place in my tasting reperatoire.