Sunday, July 15, 2012

*Finca la Cuesta Luna Beberide 2007

This will be yet another series of reviews of wines from the current On- Line- Only sale (*). The Luna Beberide, made from the Menas grape, comes from the Bierzo in N.W. Spain, the region with that country's most obscure, but for all that highly ardent, separatist movement. The wine befits the local temperament, it's highly delineated, even aggressive, with very present blacberry elements and contrasting tannins. Not a wine to be easily put in the background, it could overwhelm a bland meal, but with a dish that can stand up to it, a splendid quaff. Not close to being over the hill in spite of its age, and a huge bargain at $11.99.


Anonymous said...

Paul - I've tried finding the Finca la Cuesta Luna Beberide 2007 for the $8.99 you state in your blog but it seems to be at $11.99 on the PLCB web site even on line. Is there a trick to this?

Great blog by the way. I've been trying to find PLCB wine bargains sincing moving to PA about 29 years ago and appreciate your lucid reviews and you tips about hotels in Europe. Thanks so much.

Paul P Bernard said...

Thank you very much for your kind remarks. You're of course correct about the price, which I've since corrected. I suppose I was motivated by wishful thinking. But even at $11.99 this wine is a real bargain, it's on offer nationally at anywhere from $18-20.

Anonymous said...

Paul - finally got a chance to try the wine with barbecued tuna, and fresh vegetables (beans, sweet banana peppers, herbs and carrots) from the garden and the wine was wonderful and you are right even at $11.99 - a steal. Rich flavor with a long finish and soft tannins. I love the wines from Bierzo and this one is a very fine example. Thanks for the recommendation. I’ll buy a case tomorrow - George