Monday, December 24, 2012

Wines in Spain

We tried seven different wines during our week in Spain. I am not giving prices for the ones we drank in restaurants, as markups vary greatly. I'm converting the euro price for those we got in supermarkets. None of these wines, once again, are available in PA. I do give the average U.S. price for them for those of you not subject to the authority of our PSLCB. (Are all campaign promises just so much hot air?) We also drank a number of wines on our return voyage by sea, but most of them were ones previously reviewed here, and anyway, getting something for free tends to skew one's critical judgment. 1) Fernandez de Pierola Blanco 2011. This white Rioja is heavily oaked and has a very pronounced taste of citrus and ginger. U.S. ca. $13.50. 2) Vincent Gandie El Miracle 2010. This red from the Valencia region, a Tempranillo/Shiraz blend, is full bodied and tastes rather like a Cabernet Sauvignon. U.S. ca. $8.00. 3) Melquior Crianza 2008. This red from Alava in the Basque country, is a 100% Tempranillo. It's on the light side. U.S. ca. $10.50. 4) Fra Guerau Montsant 2007. Fra Guerau was a 12th century Cistercian monk who allegedly cured Queen Sancha of a fatal disease. This Catalan red blend from Tarragona tastes very much like the wines of the neighboring Priorat region. Elememts of blueberry and spice. U.S. ca $12.00. 5)Fill del Temps Crianza 2009. This Grenache/Carrignan red blend from the Terra Alta region near Tarragona is smooth, medium oaked and slightly spicy. U.S. ca. $9.00. 6) Senorio de Nava Crianza 2006. This red Ribera del Duero has a deep plum taste, shading, by no means unpleasantly, into prune. $10.00; U.S. ca. $15. 7) Mayor de Castilla Reserva 2007. This Ribera del Duero red was, although still perfectly good, being remaindered at our favorite El Corte Ingles. It is a noble wine, dry and austere. $5.00 (!) I was unable to locate it in the U.S.

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