Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Travel Report Spring 2013

The complimentary wines on our Crystal cruise were the same that were offered last Fall, so there is nothing new to report there. except that the Santa Marghereta Pinot Grigio, which goes for a whopping 23.50 in PA, was among he free pours, which tells you a lot. In Spain we came across two reds that I liked: 1) Vade Mecum Syrah 2011. This Estremaduran is the house wine of the Guadalupe Parador. It's a rich, full bodied wine, with ripe raspberry and coffee elements and goes down very smoothly. Ca $8 in the stores. 2) Canferrado Tempranillo 2011. This La Mancha red is the house wine of the Ciudad Rodrigo Parador. Dark plum elements, with a fair amount of acidity, ca $9 in the stores. Neither wine is available in PA.

I might also mention that the April issue of the U.S.Airways magazine has an article entitled "Twenty Great Reds Under $20."  Insofar as these are available in PA (roughly half of them), they, without exception, sell here for more than the price indicated in the article.

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