Friday, August 9, 2013

Vina San Esteban Malbec Reserve 2011

Here is a source of endless confusion. The winery is Chilean, they do produce a wine of that name  there, but most bottles with that designation come from neighboring Argentina. This one, however, is labeled a product of France. Curiously, the blurb on the back is identical with that on the Argentine bottles, with "foothills of the Pyrenan mountains" substituted for "foothills of the Andes". Clearly something creative is going on here, but I'm at a loss to say what. The wine itself is a nice, very fruit forward Malbec, with none of the chocolate one associates with the Argentine Malbecs; nor does it have the inky assertiveness of the Cahors, made from that grape. Tastes of red currant and cherry abound. $9.99, available for three dollars less in N.Y.

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