Sunday, August 25, 2013

Whitehaven Pinot Noir 2008

 This Marlborough red from New Zealand is truly a remarkable wine. It combines nicely modulated plum and blackberry elements, with just the right amount of acidity and some coffee at the finish. At the closeout price of $11.99 it's a fantastic buy. If you can find it at that price, be sure to get some.


greenhorn gourmande said...

Hello- I recently discovered your blog and I wanted to give a little thanks.

I recently moved to Philadelphia from NYC, and was shocked on my first visit to the local wine shop. After a little research I found your blog, and have been much happier for it.

Thanks very much,


Paul P Bernard said...

Sorry not to have acknowledged your kind comments sooner, I've been under the weather. These are interesting times we live in, I'm really very curious if we shall rid ourselves at last of the PLCB.

I can't help wondering why you call yourself "gourmande". Are you really a determined trencherwoma?